OPEN CALL | Ignis Fatuus
Deadline for submissions: 5 August 2024
Exhibition dates: 23 August – 20 September 2024 

We are pleased to invite applications for the fourth group show at Detriti. 

This exhibition is curated in response to the notion of Ignis Fatuus, which can be translated from Latin as "fatuous fire" or “foolish fire”.

In European folklore, the concept of Ignis Fatuus is referenced as the phenomenon of a flickering, elusive light, thought to be created by elemental spirits, to mislead travellers on their journeys. In metaphorical terms, Ignis Fatuus can represent the notion of artistic pursuit; a hope or goal that one works towards, sometimes without clear sight of the destination.

In its positive sense Ignis Fatuus also symbolises guidance and inspiration. Its mysterious light serves as a beacon of hope, guiding seekers towards discoveries, creative insights, or spiritual enlightenment. Like this flickering light, creative inspiration can appear unexpectedly.

The selected artists will be part of the group exhibition held from the 23 August to the 20 September 2024

With support from the City of Gothenburg. 

Who can apply:
Artists based in Gothenburg, working in any media.

How to apply:
Send a portfolio by email to detritigallery[at]
You can include a maximum of three works for consideration for the exhibition. Please include your name, birth place and date of birth.

All works must be clearly marked with material, dimensions, length, size and a short description of the work. A website link, short artist statement and CV are optional but welcomed.

We look forward to hearing from you!